MBE AG Messtechnik Engineering
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CH-8620 Wetzikon
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About us

Since the foundation of MBE Ltd. as supplier of electronic circuits and time delay relays in 1976, MBE has made his name in the field of gas analysis in the last 25 years. The successful market introduction of our own paramagnetic O2 sensors and analyzers in 1990 has further demonstrated our great competence in gas analysis. In addition, tunnel sensor systems for street tunnels (e.g. Gotthard tunnel) have completed our product range since 1986.

MBE Ltd. is led by two business partners, Mr. Jacques Faber (General Manager) and Mr. Dr. Klaus Holtzhauer (Sales Director) which hold together the majority of the shares. 

Our clear goals are:

  • to keep our core competence of gas analysis up-to-date and to get involved with customer-oriented solutions
  • to focus on the requirements of our customers based on services showing the highest flexibility and reliability
  • high quality at a good price/performance ratio and an outstanding after sales support

We are supplying our PAROX O2 sensors and analyzers to customers around the world, from Asia to America, from Europe to Australia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal for any further information and will assist you in your specific applications.