O2 measurement in %-range (MBE Ltd.)

MBE Ltd. is producing and designing under the trade mark PAROX oxygen sensors and analysers based on the paramagnetic measuring principle (partial pressure measurement with rotatable glass dumbbell). For many years already, they have been successfully sold all over the world for various applications and are known for a very attractive price/performance ratio.

PAROX 1200 oxygen sensor

The PAROX 1200 sensor module is designed to be incorporated in your analyser systems or in any other device using a microprocessor or PLC system. Besides a compact design and meeting high quality standards, it offers several advantages:

  • rapid and accurate signal response
  • virtually insensitive to other gases
  • maintenance-free operation
  • long lifetime

We will like to assist you with integrating the oxygen sensor in your analyser system.

made by MBE AG - PAROX 1200

made by MBE AG

Download Datasheet

PAROX 2000Plus oxygen analyser

The PAROX 2000Plus is a precise oxygen analyser for continuous monitoring purposes based on the PAROX 1200. The paramagnetic sensor unit itself is thermostat temperature controlled at 55°C; Standard measuring ranges are 0 – 25 Vol.% O2 and 0 - 100 Vol.% O2. Other measuring ranges like e.g. 0 – 5 Vol.% O2 are available on request.

The instrument is microprocessor controlled with self-diagnosis capability; it is operated by means of a user friendly key pad and a 16-digit LCD display. In addition, the analyser can also be controlled via the RS232 interface (USB or D-Sub).

The programmable auto calibration function together with the integrated relays allow a fully automatic calibration by connecting appropriate zero and span gas.

As to case dimensions, the PAROX analyser is available in 19” rack or table version, as ½ 19” portable instrument or in a wall-mounted housing.

PAROX 2000Plus

PAROX 2000Plus

  • 19” 3 HU rack or table model
  • with or without sample gas filter and flow display on the front panel (option)
  • Single or multiple channel versions (MBE 2000Plus)
  • W x H x D: 482 x 133 x 245 mm

PAROX 2100Plus

PAROX 2100Plus

  • 1/2 19” portable model
  • optional with filter on the rear
  • W x H x D: 235 x 155 x 280 mm

PAROX 2200Plus

PAROX 2200Plus

  • wall-mounted housing Rittal
  • Single or multiple channel versions (MBE 2200Plus)
  • W x H x D: 380 x 410 x 210 mm

Download Datasheet PAROX 2000Plus

By adding NDIR units for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or methane, the PAROX 2000Plus even becomes a multi-component analyser, the MBE2000Plus. Thus, a wide field of application in ambient, emission and process gas measurements is open, e.g. biogas, sewer gas, landfill gas, gases from fermentation processes, toxicity and lower explosion limits. For a landfill application e.g., an analyser MBE2000Plus could be a combination of a build-in PAROX 1200 O2 and a NDIR methane unit.

made by MBE AG - MBE2000Plus

made by MBE AG

Datasheet MBE2000Plus

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